FacultyDevelopment of Educational Policy Leaders
PositionAssistant Professor
Last Updated :2019/10/05

Researcher Profile and Settings

Profile & Settings

    Research funding number:10806194

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Psychology, Experimental psychology
  • Science education/Educational technology, Educational technology

Published Papers

  • Experimental Study on the Effects of Seductive Details and the Individual Differences, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Machiko SANNOMIYA, Transactions of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education, 36, (3) 177 - 189, 07
  • Research on Knowledge and Behavior Required as the Superintendents: Comparison Between 2017 Survey and 2012 Survey, 54, 159 - 171, 02
  • Are Monologue-Like Tweets Monologues in Undergraduate Students?: Focusing on Relation to Speech Tendency, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Motoko MIYAKE, 27, (1) 31 - 41, 07
  • What kinds of subject matter and skills do teachers consider necessary for global education?, Yuka KAWASAKI, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Clare GRADY, Journal of the Japan Association for Global Competency Education, 4, 53 - 57, 03
  • The effect of interconnections between learners on the duration of academic workload in e-learning for rote exercises, Ikuo SAWAYAMA & Takafumi TERASAWA, Educational technology research, 38, 21 - 34, 12
  • Relationships between twitter viewing frequency, conformity orientation, and psychological characteristics affecting collection of personal information in undergraduate students, Ikuo SAWAYAMA & Motoko MIYAKE, Japan society of personality psychology, 24, (2) 137 - 146
  • The Effect of Connecting Learners to Each Other on the Transition of Academic Workload in E-Learning for Rote Exercise, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, 38, (1) 1 - 18, 05

Conference Activities & Talks

  • What knowledge do Japanese education superintendents consider necessary for discharging their duties?, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Madoka HIWATASHI, Hidehiro SUWA, Masaki MAINO, & Takahisa OSHIDA, International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) – Paris 2019,   2019 03 09
  • The effect of planning the daily routine on the efficacy expectation of pursuing the goal, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Yosuke YAMAGUCHI, & Machiko SANNOMIYA, The 31th International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016),   2016 07
  • The effect of TSUNAGARI learning system (TLS) on the learners with low efficacy expectations, Ikuo SAWAYAMA, Machiko SANNOMIYA, & Takafumi TERASAWA, The 14th European Congress of Psychology (ECP2015),   2015 07

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