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Last Updated :2020/09/14

Researcher Profile and Settings

Profile & Settings

    Research funding number:90509788


  • 博士(教育学), 広島大学

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   2013 01  - 現在, Hyogo University of Teacher Education
  •   2008 04  - 2012 12 , Saga University, Faculty of Culture and Education

Research Activities


  • The True Value of NIE in the Digital Era : Valuable Information for Education, 大谷 昭宏, 羽田 潤, 春香クリスティーン, 日本NIE学会誌 = The bulletin of the Japan Society for Studies in "Newspaper in Education", (9) 95 - 102,   2014
  • Consideration on the Improbements of Student's Reading through Exchage of Interpretation : an Analysis of the Third Year Japanese Language Class "Why has Kokyo been Published in Textbooks for many Years?", Yoshioka Koichi, Hada Jun, 佐賀大学教育実践研究, 29,   2013 03
  • Trial of the Information Morality Education in Elementary School Each Subject : Cooperation with a university or a civic organization, JINNAI Makoto, AOYAGI Tatsuya, YOKOO Hideki, NAKASHIMA Noriaki, NOZAKI Shingo, IMAMURA Kazuki, ISHIBASHI Reina, HATA Jun, SUMI Kazuhiro, 日本教育工学会研究報告集, 2012, (1) 63 - 68,   2012 03 03
  • Study of the Language Arts Class to Bring up Communication Skills, Chono Atsuyuki, Ikeda Naoto, Wakiyama Hideyasu, Hada Jun, 佐賀大学教育実践研究, 28,   2012 03
  • Practices of Kodomo2.0 Participating Student for Protecting Children from Cybercrime, Nozaki Shingo, Jinnai Makoto, Ekimoto Nobuko, Yokoh Hideki, Aoyagi Tatsuya, Imamura Kazuki, Hada Jun, Sumi Kazuhiro, 佐賀大学教育実践研究, 28,   2012 03
  • A Study of Media (Photo) Literacy in English Media Student Book : A case of unit "Photo-You" (The Media Book, EMC, 2001), 羽田 潤, 広島大学大学院教育学研究科紀要. 第二部, 文化教育開発関連領域, (60) 135 - 144,   2011 , This paper intends to explore teaching strategies of multimodal literacy (cf. media literacy, photo-literacy, moving image literacy, and digital literacy) in the Japanese classroom as a mother tongue, in order to develop multimodal literacy education in the Japanese language education curriculum. Thorough consideration will be given to unit 'Photo-You' at "The Media Book", which the English & Media Centre in U.K., published 2001. Unit 'Photo-You' is a unit to learn a documentary. In particular I show very effective technique when the beginning unit that used a portrait elaborates a plan by the language activities that we used a photograph for Japanese language education.

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