SUDA Yasuyuki

FacultyVice President
PositionVice President
Last Updated :2019/10/05

Researcher Profile and Settings


  •  - 1988 09 , Hiroshima Graduate School
  •  - 1985 03 , Hiroshima University

Association Memberships

  • The Japan Society for the Study of Education
  • The Japan Society of Educational Sociology
  • The Japan Soceity for Child Study

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Education, Education, Sociology of Education

Research Interests

    Sociology of Education

Published Papers

  • Impact of School Size on the Academic Achievement and Pro-School Attitudes of Children, SUDA Yasuyuki, 54, 1 - 11, 02
  • Trends and Issues of Research on School Size, SUDA Yasuyuki, 52, 1 - 8, 02


  • A Study of the Consciousness for the School by the Inhabitant in Each School District, Bulletin of Rural Education Institute, 58,   2003
  • The Feature of Daily Educational Activities on Small School,   2001
  • A Study of Reading Fairy Tales by School- phobic Students, Journal of Hokkaido University of Education, Education, 51, (1) 45 - 58,   2000
  • The Study of Teachers' Daily Educational Activities (1) ; Understanding of Teachers' Consciousness and their Realities in Hokkaido Prefecture, Bulletin of Integrated Center for Educational Research and Training, Hokkaido University of Education, 1,   2000
  • The Reception of the Text in the Different Societies : The Comparison of Intercultural Readings of The Wolf and Seven Little Kids from Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Journal of Educational Sociology, 64,   1999
  • The Possibilities of Schooling From the Viewpoint of Providing Incentives for Positive Living, Journal of the Asahikawa Educational Reports, 1,   1997
  • An Analysis of the Reception of Grimm's Fairy Tale : Similarities and Differences of Perception between Children and Adults, The Journal of Child Study, 1,   1995
  • A Study of Reception and Transformation of Cultural Assets(1) : From the Point of the Imported Forms of the Literary Works in Meiji Era, Bulletin of Hijiyama Women's Junior College, 28,97-108,   1993
  • A Study on the Evaluation Items on the Nursery Care Practical Exercise : concerning nursery practice at day nurseries, Bulletin of the Japan Association of Training Schools for Nursery Teachers, 10,21-31,   1993
  • How can the Maternity Exist?, Bulletin of Center for Women's Studies, 10,89-98,   1993
  • Talk Analysis on Child's Books, Bulletin of Educational Research, 37,135-140,   1992
  • The Study of Imported Forms and the Transformation of Grimm's Fairy Tales in Japan, The Journal of Educational Sociology, 117-137,   1991
  • An Analysis of the Receiving Form of Grimm's Fairy Tales in Japan : Using the Magazines in Meiji Era, Bulletin of Hijiyama Women's Junior College, 24,   1990
  • A Study of Educational Effect on M(]J1103[)rchen, Bulletin of Educational Research, 34,   1989
  • Sociological Study of the Self-Concept(2) : From the Point of View of the Curriculum Planing, Bulletin of Educational Research, 33,   1988
  • The Sociological Study of the Self-Concept : From the View Point of the Reflected Appraisals, Bulletin of Educational Research, 32,   1987
  • An Analysis of the Japanese Faculties' Attitudes to Teaching, Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University Part1, 36,   1987
  • An Experimental Study on the Meaning of Emotional Expression in the Group Formation, Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University Part2, (36) 185 - 193,   1987


  • Study of Daily Educational Activities from the Point of View of School Size

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Social Contribution

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  • society activity,   2015 08 08  - 2015 08 08

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