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  • Psychology, Social psychology, Developmental Neuropsychology

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    Educational and Social Psychology


  • Effect of group work discussion of "the needs of children in a regular class" as an extracurricular class for University students, 石橋 由紀子, 尾之上 高哉, 岡村 章司, 樋口 一宗, 宇野 宏幸, 兵庫教育大学研究紀要, 46,   2015 02
  • The Effects of the Implementation of World Cafe on an In-service Teacher Training Program, ONOUE Takaya, ISHIBASHI Yukiko, OKAMURA Shoji, KOBAYASHI Yuko, UNO Hiroyuki, Japan Journal of Educational Technology, 38, (0) 141 - 144,   2014 , 本研究の目的は,(1)教員は研修でのワールドカフェ(以後,WCと記す)体験をどのように評価するのか,(2)WCはその後の実践にどう活かされるのかを検討することであった.WC直後に教員が自由記述した感想をもとに(1)を検討した結果,参加者の9割は気づきがあったと評価し,5割はWCの価値を評価した.全参加者の記述パターンや内容を分析したところ,WC特有の対話形式が参加者間の対話の促進,及び気づきの生起に寄与していた可能性が示唆された.WCの2か月後に提出されたレポートをもとに(2)を検討した結果,WCが,教員同士の対話環境の創造,WCで得た気づきや情報の活用という形で活かされていることが示された.
  • A study on recurrent education and development of special needs education by cooperation of programs for special support education coordinator and schools and their regional boards of education: a case of Hyogo University Graduate School of Teacher Educat, 石橋 由紀子, 宇野 宏幸, 橋本 正巳, 森 吉史, 後藤 美恵子, 草薙 美佳, 楠原 薫, 藤原 路寛, Hyogo University of Teacher Education journal, 38,   2011 02
  • Relationship between Behavioral Characteristics of the Children with AD/HD and Emotional Expressions in Their Mothers : An Examination by Data From Semi-Structured Interviews of the Mothers after Diagnosis, MANO Shoko, HORIUCHI Fumie, UNO Hiroyuki, The journal of child health, 68, (1) 28 - 38,   2009 01 31
  • The national survey on special support education coordinator in school, 柘植 雅義, 宇野 宏幸, 石橋 由紀子, The Japanese journal of special support education coordinator, (2) 1 - 73,   2007 11
  • Relationship Between Parenting Stress and Depression in the Mothers of Children with ADHD, MANO Shoko, UNO Hiroyuki, The journal of child health, 66, (4) 524 - 530,   2007 07 30
  • The Japanese journal of special support education coordinator: purport of starting, 柘植 雅義, 宇野 宏幸, 石橋 由紀子, The Japanese journal of special support education coordinator, (1) 1 - 4,   2007 02
  • A training curriculum for special support education coordinator in graduate school, Hyogo Universiy of Teacher Education, 宇野 宏幸, 石橋 由紀子, 柘植 雅義, The Japanese journal of special support education coordinator, (1) 5 - 8,   2007 02
  • Neuropsychological approach to epilepsy with continuous spike-waves during slow wave sleep, Uno Hiroyuki, Hyogo University of Teacher Education journal Ser.1 School education, early childhood education, education for handicapped children, 23,   2003
  • National total investigation concerning special support education coordinators, 石橋 由紀子, 柘植 雅義, 宇野 宏幸, The Japanese journal of special support education coordinator, (1) 9 - 12,   2007 02
  • A Child Behavior Checklist for Teachers : Focusing on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, NAKAI Fukiko, UNO Hiroyuki, The Japanese journal of special education, 43, (3) 183 - 192,   2005 09 , In the present study, the validity and reliability of a checklist developed so that classroom teachers could assess children's behavioral characteristics was examined. First- and second-grade teachers at 283 schools completed the checklist. A significantly higher percentage of "agree" responses were found for 120 items in the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; N=55) and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD, N=38) groups, compared to responses in a control group without those disabilities (N=73). Items with a phi coefficient over 0.4 were classified into 4 categories: "attentional problems," "lack of sustainability," "impulsivity," and "lack of flexibility." When internal consistency of the items in each of those 4 domains was calculated, the alpha coefficients distributed from 0.825 to 0.897. "Attentional problems," "lack of sustainability," and "impulsivity" were mildly correlated with the ADHD RS-IV-J subscales, but "lack of flexibility" was not, indicating that the former 3 categories reflect behavioral characteristics of ADHD. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences among the 3 groups in the category scores, except for "lack of flexibility." A discriminant analysis was performed using the category scores as predictors of membership in the 3 groups; the overall correct classification rate was 77.7%. Although the distinction between the ADHD and control groups was fairly good, the rate of distinction between the ADHD and PDD groups was low.
  • A Model for the Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Behavioral Inhibition of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, UNO Hiroyuki, The Japanese journal of special education, 40, (5) 479 - 491,   2003 01 , Recently, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been conceptualized from the viewpoint of a lack of behavioral inhibition, and elucidation of that process will be expected. The present article asserts that behavioral inhibition involves 2 processes, one of which is caused by inattention itself, or by impairment in cognitive processing as a result of inattention, and the other, by a failure of emotional control. The mechanisms for coping with these 2 processes are located in the prefrontal cortex; the processes are integrated in the center for executive attention. On the basis of the present analysis, I propose a hierarchically organized cognitive, neuropsychological model for the behavioral inhibition deficit in ADHD.
  • Cognitive Training for a Child Showing Inattention Associated With Continuous Spikes and Waves During Slow Sleep (CSWS), UNO Hiroyuki, TAKAMI Satomi, KOTANI Hiromi, WATANABE Yutaka, The Japanese journal of special education, 42, (4) 271 - 281,   2004 11 , In the present study, "Pay Attention!", a child-oriented cognitive treatment program, was administered to a boy with epilepsy (9 years 4 months old at the start of the study) who had continuous spikes and waves during slow sleep (CSWS), and who had difficulties with visuo-spatial recognition and attention. The effects of the training on attention and cognitive level (visual memory), and in daily life (navigation task) were evaluated. During training, error rate gradually decreased on 2 of the tasks as training continued; this effect was maintained in re-training sessions. The boy did not have difficulty with the other tasks. After the training, the boy's performance on a selective attention task significantly improved, compared to pre-training. The boy especially improved on the visuo-spatial and declarative memory tests. On the navigation tasks, his recognition of visual images improved, but his performance on the tasks involving selection of orientation and serial topographical memory did not. The results suggest that the attention training ameliorated cognitive functions in a process-specific manner.
  • Anomalous Optic Nerve Fiber Convergences in the Ipsilateral Retinocollicular Projection : a Comparison of Congenitally Monocular and Neonatally One-Eye-Removed Rats(共著), Experimental Neurology, 96,   1987
  • Neural Coding of Speech Sound in the Telencephalic Auditory Area of the Mynah Bird(共著), Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 169,   1991
  • A Microcomputer-based System for the Recording and Analysis of the Auditory Evoked Potentials(共著), Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology, 7,   1989
  • Fundamental Characteristics of the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential in the Hill Mynah(共著), Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology, 5,   1987
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  • Orbitofrontal cortex dysfunction in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder revealed by reversal and extinction tasks, NeuroReport, 13,   2002
  • A model on the role of the prefrontal cortex in behavioral inhibition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorderü, Japanese Journal of Special Education, 40,   2003

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