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Researcher Profile and Settings


  •   1983 04  - 1987 05 , Hokkaido University, Cognitive Science
  •   1979 04  - 1983 03 , Chiba University, Experimental Psychology
  •  - 1987 , Hokkaido University, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Psycology


  • Master Degree, Hokkaido University

Association Memberships

  • Society of Art Education in University
  • The Society of Art Eduction
  • Japanese Psychological association
  • Japanese Congnitive Science society
  • Japan Curriculum Research and development association
  • Japanese Society for Studies on Educational Practices

Academic & Professional Experience

  •   1987  - 1994 , Research Associate, Hyogo University of Teacher Educaton

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Education, Education on school subjects and activities

Research Interests

    art education, Art and Craft, Education Curricurum, Art, Psychology

Published Papers

  • The circuit Designs for generating moving grating patterns, TAKAGI Atsuko, Hokkaido Behavioral Science Report Series T, (2) 1 - 16, 08
  • symbolic sequence organization-application for pattern cognition theory "Coding Theory"-, FUNAKAWA Masami, TAKAGI Atsuko, TAKADA Yuji, NAKAMURA, Naoto, Hokkaido Behavioral Science Report Series T Supplement, (8) 34 - 41, 03


  • A Study on the Lesson Title as a Key Tool for the Facilitation of the Better Learning in Art and Craft Subject at the Elementary School, The Journal for Society of Art Education in University, Vol.37, pp.231-238,   2005
  • A Study on the Viewpoints of "Seeing" in the Art Appreciation, The Journal for Society of Art Education in University, Vol.36, pp.361-368,   2004
  • A Study on a method of organizing contents of the subject in university about instructional method for art education, The Journal for Society of Art Education in University, Vol.34, pp.233-237,   2002
  • Hypermedia, "Vertual Learning World", "Real Leaning World"., Art Education, Vol.4, No.3, pp.33-42,   1992
  • Development of Children's aesthetic judgement , Journal of Practical Education, Vol.4, pp.26-33,   1990
  • Medel of Leaner's Environment Design Process in Art Education, The Journal of Society of Art Education in University, Vol.22, pp.141-148,   1990
  • The Image structures of school subjects in Japan, Hyogo University of Teacher Education Journal, Vol.10, pp.225-234,   1990

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on Art Education

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