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Research Activities


  • Curriculum Improvement for Mutual Learning among Graduate Students at a Professional School of Teacher Education : Achievements and Issues in the Second Year of Curriculum Improvement for Specialized Courses, 伊藤 博之, 黒岩 督, 中村 正則, 山内 敏男, 奧村 好美, 米田 豊, 長澤 憲保, 永田 智子, 松本 伸示, 溝邊 和成, 宮田 佳緒里, 森山 潤, 吉水 裕也, 兵庫教育大学研究紀要 : 人間発達教育専攻 特別支援教育専攻 教育内容・方法開発専攻 教育実践高度化専攻 附属学校園, 53,   2018 09
  • Devices Concerning Notation of the Teaching Plan for Elementary School and Junior High School : Focusing on the Board-work Type of Teaching Plan, 溝邊 和成, 兵庫教育大学研究紀要 : 人間発達教育専攻 特別支援教育専攻 教育内容・方法開発専攻 教育実践高度化専攻 附属学校園, 53,   2018 09
  • The survey for the intergenerational activity in an auditor system of elementary and junior high schools, 溝邊 和成, 田爪 宏二, 吉津 晶子, 日本世代間交流学会誌, 5, (1) 47 - 55,   2015 09
  • コンフリクトマップを応用した学習ツールに対する児童の意識調査, 松田雅代, 溝邊和成, 日本科学教育学会年会論文集(CD-ROM), 39th,   2015
  • A 100 Years of Practical Inheritance and Development of Oikawa Theory by Teachers of Kobe University Akashi Elementary School, 溝邊 和成, 教育新世界 = New world of education : journal of WEF Japanese Section, 40, (1) 8 - 11,   2015
  • 「小学校教員をめざす人のための書き込み式物理・化学ノート」実践使用報告, 樋口勝一, 溝邊和成, 石渡正志, 日本物理学会講演概要集, 66,   2011 03 03
  • スイスの科学系博物館における教育支援:テクノラマ科学センターを事例として, 溝邊和成, 藤井浩樹, 野上智行, 科学教育研究, 31, (4) 421 - 431,   2007 12 27
  • 戦後初期の明石附小プランにおける理科的な内容に関する研究―明石附小プラン(1948‐1949)の実践にかかわる資料調査を通して―, 溝邊和成, 稲垣成哲, 日本理科教育学会理科教育学研究, 48, (1) 103 - 116,   2007 07 31
  • スイスの科学系博物館における学校支援体制:テクノラマ科学センターを事例として, 溝邊和成, 藤井浩樹, 野上智行, 日本科学教育学会研究会研究報告, 21, (1) 43 - 48,   2006 08 17
  • In-service Teacher Training Program Using IT Networks for Science Teachers, YAMAGUCHI Etsuji, IKARI Miwa, MIZOBE Kazushige, INAGAKI Shigenori, NOGAMI Tomoyuki, Journal of research in science education, 43, (3) 29 - 40,   2003 03 05 , The purpose of this study is to propose a prototype of a new in-service science teachers training program using IT networks. The newly-developed program focuses on the use of concept maps in science classes. This paper describes the details of the program and the process of developing that. The program are based on educational practices at Akashi Elementary School, which is attached to the Faculty of Human Development, Kobe University. Digital data used in the program consists of video clips of the classes, commentaries or text outlines describing each of the video clips, and pictures of concept maps drawn up by students. There are three stages of the program : introduction, application, and development. In the introduction stage, merits of concept maps and the way of drawing them are explained. The application stage focuses on the science classes using concept maps and their lesson plans. In the development stage, trainees make lesson plans by themselves based on knowledge and experience in the introduction and the application stages. The program contents consist of the following: (1) Introduction; (2) How to make a concept map; (3) Case example using concept maps (a) (lesson version): Whole class makes one concept map; (4) Case example using concept maps (a) (explanation version); (5) Case example using concept maps (b) (lesson version): Each student draws his/her own concept map; (6) Case example using consept maps (b) (explanation version); (7) Task: Lesson plan based on concept maps drawn by students; (8) References of concept maps.
  • In-Service Teacher Training Programs Using IT Networks : A Case Study of Low-Cost Development of a Program for Transition from the Experimental Stage to the Practical Stage, YAMAGUCHI Etsuji, IKARI Miwa, INAGAKI Shigenori, NOGAMI Tomoyuki, MIZOBE Kazushige, Journal of Science Education in Japan, 27, (2) 143 - 154,   2003 , This study was conducted to determine whether a successful in-service teacher training program using IT networks could be realized while minimizing costs, with a view towards practical application of such a program. For minimizing costs, we tried to develop a program by recording lectures by attached school teachers. These teachers usually went to nearby public schools to provide lectures on teaching methods. We tried to record the lecture as it is using a video-camera, and editing of the video simply using a nonlinear editing software. Consequently the costs of time, human resource, and workload for development of a program were minimized. The theme of this program was assessment of integrated study. To evaluate the usefulness of the program, it was introduced into the program of a public elementary school. Via a questionnaire, thirtyeight teachers were asked to evaluate the program in terms of appropriateness of its content, videos and texts, and its effectiveness on future training. An analysis of their responses reveals that most of the teachers found the training program to be highly fruitful. This study demonstrates that a successful in-service training program can be achieved while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Development and Evaluation of In-service Teacher Training Programs using IT Networks for Elementary School Teachers : Development of the Programs through University - Attached School Collaboration, and Application of the Programs to In-school Training at, IKARI Miwa, YAMAGUCHI Etsuji, MIZOBE Kazushige, INAGAKI Shigenori, NOGAMI Tomoyuki, 年会論文集, 26,   2002 09 12
  • Development of In-service Teacher Training Programs using IT Networks for Elementary School Teachers : Theory and Practice of Integrated Study, MIZOBE Kazushige, NAKAJIMA Teruhisa, MORII Hiroyuki, IKARI Miwa, YAMAGUCHI Etsuji, INAGAKI Shigenori, NOGAMI Tomoyuki, JSSE Res. Rep., 16, (2) 33 - 36,   2001 , 情報通信ネットワークにおけるVODの映像配信システムとテレビ会議システムを併用した現職教員研修プログラムを開発した。本プログラムが運用される現職教員研修システムは, 明石市の所有するCATV網などの基盤インフラを借用し, 非同期・分散型環境としての授業などの動画配信と, 同期・集合型環境としての研修担当者と研修受講者の対話を実現している。開発したプログラムは, 「総合的な学習」に関するものであり, 小学校教師を対象としている。開発したプログラムは, 全4部構成であった。
  • Knowledge Web : The Development of Tool for Representing Student's Ideas in Science Learning, MIZOBE Kazushige, NOGAMI Tomoyuki, YAMAGUTI Etuji, INAGAKI Shigenori, Bulletin of Society of Japan Science Teaching, 38, (2) 147 - 161,   1997 11 30
  • A Study of pupils' interaction in science classroom using concept mapping, Mizobe Kazushige, Nogami Tomoyuki, Inagaki Shigenori, Bulletin of the Faculty of Human Development, 3, (2) 103 - 109,   1996 03
  • The Methods of Expression and Evaluation of Knowledge in Science : First Grade Children's Understanding of School Environments, MIZOBE Kazushige, INAGAKI Shigenori, 年会論文集, 19,   1995 07

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